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  • 1
    The commercial success of a product has more to do with production costs than speed of production
  • 2
    Price competitiveness is a better way to sustain profit than investment in innovation
  • 3
    The profitability of the business is more important than having the biggest or best product portfolio
  • 4
    The business cost of being a latecomer to a market tends to be higher than the cost of being first
  • 5
    Range improvements and extensions are generally a more worthwhile investment than outright innovation
  • 6
    Consumer trends move too quickly to risk waiting around for recipe perfection
  • 7
    I would rather collaborate with an external supplier to solve a problem than save money trying to do so internally
  • 8
    It’s better to wait and validate innovation internally rather than launching early and testing it in the marketplace
  • 9
    Business growth is more likely to come from category differentiation than portfolio improvement
  • 10
    It’s worth the risk of investing a little extra to create a superior end product
  • 11
    Recipe optimisation is generally preferable to being first to market
  • 12
    Excellence in a small range is better than strength in a broad portfolio